We cooperate with brokers for customs clearance of import and export cargo.

→Assistance in obtaining certificates, such as Fumigation/Phytosanitary Certificates.

→Interaction with authorized surveyors.

→Organization of public and private warehousing.

DDP in Hungary. How to clear samples or goods in Hungary under DDPas a delivery basis?

Brief introduction. DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) is a cargo delivery agreement (parcels, samples etc.), as per Incoterms 2010. Its main feature is payment of all customs duties and charges (both export and import) to the shipper. The consignor (shipper) shall be liable for all risks and expenses related to transportation and customs clearance both in the country of the consignor and the consignee. Under DDP terms, title to the goods passes from the consignor to the buyer at the very last moment, that is, only when the goods have been delivered to the buyer’s warehouse and the latter has confirmed the receipt of the goods. As a result, the buyer receives the cargo fully exempt from customs and other charges.

That is, the consignor (located in UAE, for example) ships the cargo, clears export goodsthrough the customs in the shipping country, delivers them to Hungary, arranges customs clearance, and provides delivery at specified place in Hungary. Due to the legislation of Hungarythere are a couple of aspects, that are difficult or impossible to implement, we will discuss them below.

Customs clearance of samples or other goods under DDP as a delivery basis in Hungary.

Typically, DDP terms are used by non-residents to deliver samples to Hungary. Let’s take an example: at an exhibition in Dubai, two companies signed a contract for the delivery of samples (spare parts or a small batch of any goods) from China to Hungary. However, the consignee in Budapest does not want to spend money, time and other resources on customs clearance, and cargo delivery to the warehouse. The recipient has several reasons, perhaps the samples won’t prove to be of good quality, no one will order any, and the effort is wasted. So, what does our Chinese friend have to do? He should use a DDP delivery. According to Hungarian law, only EU residents can pay off customs duties. Here comes the most interesting thing, how the Chinese supplier shall clear the samples in Budapest, if he cannot even pay the duties?

No doubt, the most reasonable way is to use the Universe Access KFT services, because in any case, customs clearance requires assistance of company-resident of Hungary or the EU, which will advance the interests of the Chinese supplier on behalf of the customs representative.

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