We offer a full range of services for the organization of delivery and cargo handling, which includes the following:
– Transportation, transfer, repacking
– Repackaging and marking or relabeling
– Storage, consolidation, and deconsolidation of cargo
– Insurance coverage
– Customs brokerage
– Cargo escort and freight forwarding
– Product return
– Payments and processing
– Customers info support and consultations.

The future of 3PL logistics companies is driven by supply chain resiliency.
Our company allows the customer to stay away from the delivery process. At the same time, we guarantee safe transportation. To reduce the customer’s costs, we find the best way of delivery and use various types of transport (railroads, vessels, airliners).
The advantage of our company is the narrow specialization of our employees. Our lawyers, customs brokers, financial experts and accountants ensure that no mistakes are made in the organization of each process. Our professionals cooperate with tax and customs authorities.

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