UA KFT, a Hungarian based company is entering the global market with a wide range of goods and logistics services. The company is specialized in export and import of goods (industrial and food product) fromHungarian and foreign manufactures. Our dedicated export and import professionals assist customers, trade companies and manufacturers in expanding their business opportunities domestically and globally.

Our product range includes:

– Electronics

– Food

– Fertilizers

– Sawn lumber and much else, placed on our website

We guarantee:

– Quality control of shipped products

– Well-established system of logistics

– Registration of all necessary documents

– Honest and responsible cooperation

With available contacts and international network of agents, we provide export, import and customs services in consignor and consignee ‘s country that allows us to cover the entire range of international activities.

Our professional team is willing to take on the end-to-end assistance to your foreign trade contract. Our company is a trustworthy partner with proven experience, so all relevant regulations and requirements are considered throughout the entire process.

Customs clearance of cargo, registration of the required documents. 

FEA outsourcing – a full range of services (procurement of goods, delivery to the customer’s warehouse etc.)

Modes of carriage: rail, road, sea, multimodal, container, LTL shipping. Forwarding in CIS countries, port services, ferry service, logistics consulting. Many years of experience enable us to provide the highest level of service!

We work with a multitude of Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, European and other manufacturers all around the world. We strive to offer the best products and services from several CIS manufacturing and industrial regions.

We also import goods from the Middle East, Europe, and Asiato the North African market.

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