We will be able to purchase the right products for you at a competitive price and establish a partnership with a reliable supplier. Our experience in this field is more than 5 years, during this time thousands of transactions for the supply of a wide range of products from Russia have been carried out, a huge number of different tasks have been solved, each of which is approached in our company individually and with the maximum benefit for the client. The database of manufacturers and exporters in Russia, meticulously collected by UA KFT, is by far the most complete, and I know many suppliers personally.

UA KFT working principles

Working directly with the manufacturer, no intermediaries.

Reliability: Each buyer is vetted by the company for solvency and experience in the specified segment before being admitted to a transaction.

Security: the vast majority (over 95%) of suppliers operate in accordance with the FCA, there may be a partial advance payment or payment when the vehicle is loaded.

Openness: the buyer or his representative can be present at the time of loading. The option of using SGS forwarding services is also available.

What is required to work with us?

Send a response that include :

LOI request from the buyer (with a description of the goods, number of units, form of payment, delivery basis).

Company profile. It is important that the company has experience.

Contact details – the current mobile phone number of a person who is competent to make decisions on this transaction and understands the products to be purchased.

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