OR/EOR Services: Streamlining IT Equipment Logistics in China

Universe-Access Kft (UA Kft) is proud to offer specialized Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services in China, tailored to the unique needs of businesses importing IT equipment. Our services are essential for companies engaged in local trade or personal use of IT equipment, ensuring that all customs and regulatory requirements are met with precision and expertise.

Navigating Compliance with Expertise

The role of an Importer of Record is critical in the importation process, as it involves taking responsibility for all necessary documentation, permits, and compliance with the country’s customs regulations. UA Kft’s IOR/EOR services are designed to handle these complexities, providing peace of mind and a hassle-free experience for businesses without a physical presence in the country of origin or destination.

Seamless Delivery and Customs Clearance

Our services in China are crafted to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of IT equipment. We collaborate with trusted agents to secure optimal routes for transportation and offer continuous cargo tracking to keep you informed every step of the way. Our commitment to reliability, security, and meeting deadlines is at the core of our service ethos.

Door-to-Door Delivery for Data Centers

UA Kft understands the critical nature of timely and precise delivery for Data Centers. Our team expertly coordinates door-to-door delivery, meeting specific timelines and the stringent requirements that Data Centers demand. By entrusting us with your cargo logistics, your business can focus on core operations and growth.

Tailored for Industry Needs

Our IOR/EOR services are designed to benefit a wide range of clients, including distributors, trading companies, IT equipment manufacturers, and Data Centers. We emphasize professionalism, industry-specific solutions, and a commitment to elevating the international logistics experience for our clients in China.

Empowering Businesses in Global Trade

By simplifying the import process and ensuring adherence to all regulations, UA Kft aims to make international logistics smoother and more efficient. Our goal is to empower businesses to succeed and thrive in their international endeavors, making us your trusted partner in global trade logistics.

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