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We provide a comprehensive suite of services including global marketplace access, sourcing, customs clearance, logistics, FEA outsourcing, and more. Our meticulous care ensures regulatory compliance and optimal value for every step of the export and import process.

Yes, quality is guaranteed. We rigorously vet manufacturers and providers to uphold strict quality control standards for every product in our extensive range.

Our product range is extensive, including electronics, food, sawn lumber, and many other items. We cater to various sectors of trade, ensuring a diverse portfolio for our clients.

By integrating with leading manufacturers from the CIS countries and developed markets, we eliminate intermediaries, which allows us to provide products at the most favorable prices.

Our services span across Europe, Russia, Ukraine, North Africa, the Middle East, and many other countries worldwide. We have a global reach to meet the needs of our clients.

With over five years of experience and thousands of successful transactions, we have a proven track record in supplying a wide range of products and solving various tasks with a tailored approach for maximum client benefit.

To establish a partnership, we require a Letter of Intent (LOI) detailing the goods, quantity, payment terms, and delivery basis, along with a company profile demonstrating experience in the field, and contact details of a decision-maker knowledgeable about the products.

We offer a mutually beneficial cooperation to manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality goods. With a large distribution network of wholesale and retail customers, we provide effective tools to promote products, focusing on long-term cooperation and fair competition.

Reliability is paramount. Buyers are vetted for solvency and experience before transactions, and the vast majority of our suppliers operate in accordance with the FCA. We also offer security through payment options and the presence of buyers or representatives during loading.

 Our dedicated multilingual customer support team is readily available to address inquiries and provide constant guidance throughout the trade process.

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