Today the market demands complex services and flexible logistics arrangements, which makes contract logistics an ideal solution for companies willing to focus on production, sales, warranty services and internal tasks without getting distracted by the receipt of goods, components or raw materials from suppliers.
Universe-Access has the experience to provide contract logistics for manufacturers, distributors and resellers for seamless work of product supply chains, prompt delivery, accurate, efficient and timely services.
 Our professionals facilitate contract logistics solutions, increasing the efficiency of the supply chain management process.
Our company covers all elements of the supply chain (delivery of raw material to the supplier , delivery of goods to the customer, reverse logistics, after-sales support in various industries etc.).
We provide customized services, risk management and planning strategies to help our customers make the right choices for any contract logistics requirements.
Regardless of the size, type or frequency of orders, we have a solution that fits your needs.
We offer the following services:
– Import and export management
– Customs clearance support services
– Organization of logistics for warranty claims
– Centralized purchase order
– Shipment of samples (logistics, customs clearance, certification)
– D2D shipping

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