While importers are ultimately responsible for everything presented to the customs officials around the world, OUR COMPANY analyzes the documents available, identifies missing items, and provides assistance in the preparation. Moreover, we are ready to represent our clients at customs.
Our professionals work to offer peace of mind to our customers in dealing with the customs authorities when importing or exporting goods. Our experts use their experience and knowledge to prepare the necessary documentation timely and accurately for the import and security declaration in accordance with the requirements of all the regulatory authorities involved.
We are ready to work with customs officials, carriers, and warehouses on behalf of our customers to ensure that their shipments reach thedestinations as planned.

Our services include:

→ Analysis of the available documentation

→ Consultation on customs issues

→ Preparation and submission of all documents required for customs declaration

Contracting with customs brokers to prepare and file the customs declaration

→ Assistance and support in preparing and obtaining all the authorization documents

To avoid customs problems, UA KFT provides
→ Pre-shipment and post-shipment documents.
→ Experience in various import and export arrangements (DEPB/DEEC/EPCG/DUTY).
→ Cooperation with brokers on customs clearance.
→ Assistance in obtaining certificates, such as Fuming/Phytosanitary Certificates.
→ Interaction with authorized surveyors.
→ Organization of public and private warehousing.

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