Organization of cargo shipments can be carried via one or different types of transport in the directions you are interested in.
The route of delivery determines the type of transportation at each site.
We choose the appropriate route, based on the requirements, priorities, budget of the customer or delivery timing.

Our customers trust us to manage their logistics because:
– We provide well-functioning logistics services even to locations not offered by other companies;
– Coordination of shipping schedules eliminates unforeseen downtime;
– We strive to offer the best delivery service in terms of time and cost.
Our managers are always ready to communicate with customers and provide all the relevant information

Our cargo transportation services include:
– Selection of the optimal type and mode of transportation: road, air, sea, multimodal
– Consolidation and deconsolidation of LTL cargo
– Global FCL services
– OOG transportation, including cargo handling and packaging
– Packaging and transportation of Dangerous Goods
-Cargo tracking throughout the entire shipping process.

We have established strong partnerships with freight and shipping companies in North Africa and the Middle East and now offer warehouse and distribution services.

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