IOR/EOR Services

IOR/EOR Services

Universe Access is a qualified and reputable partner as we have extensive experience with importers and exporters worldwide.
As an IOR&EOR (importer-exporter) service provider, we minimize the costs and risks for our customers, while contributing to the global distribution of technological equipment and various high-value products.
Complete outsourcing of work: we promptly handle the customs clearance of orders on our behalf, our experts properly complete and submit the documents to the customs office on time.
The importer-exporter is legally responsible for the payment of customs duties, taxes, and charges. In addition, the importer-exporter is responsible for complying with all laws and regulations, especially customs regulations.

IOR service
The importer can be the person making the purchase or receiving the imported goods, or it can be another stakeholder authorized to import goods under the supervision of the respective customs regulator.

Advantages of Universe Access IOR services:

·         Hiring Universe Access as an importer of record (IOR) removes the requirement for your company to obtain a legal identification (and/or IOR number) in the country of import.

·         Universe Access operates under regional customs law

·         Universe Access ensures on-time delivery of shipments.

·         We can officially represent your company as an importer, managing all relevant procedures, customs clearance and delivering the shipments without unnecessary delays or 

          monetary penalties. We will be your representative in the country of destination.

EOR service
The exporter is responsible for ensuring export from the country of origin to foreign countries. The exporter (EOR) is an important part of the trade plan for a company that needs to export goods, but does not have the necessary registration, expertise, and staff. Our experts ensure that all exported shipments comply with export regulations.

Universe Access offers various solutions for Importer & Exporter Services (IOR&EOR) and wide range of logistics services (including transportation and warehousing/storage) for DATA center customers:
- Importer Services (IOR) when importing equipment from overseas for installation at the DATA Center
- Exporter services (EOR) when returning equipment or sending it for warranty service from the DATA-center
- 3PL Logistics services for DATA-center customers.

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