Groupage Cargo Services to Saudi Arabia

“Optimize your global logistics with our premier airfreight consolidation service. We link Hungary to Saudi Arabia and gather cargo from all over Europe, which we then ship to our Budapest warehouse. Our services include customs clearance in Saudi Arabia, ensuring a seamless and efficient international shipping experience.”

Your Gateway to Worldwide Product Procurement

Comprehensive Services for Buying and Paying for Imported Goods Directly from Manufacturers and Suppliers

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“Ship your IT infrastructure to any colocation, data center, or office on the planet with ease. Our logistical, customs, and import expertise has been trusted by hundreds of companies. We offer Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services across multiple countries, ensuring a flawless and efficient international shipping experience. Our extensive agent network spanning multiple countries will support you throughout your journey to seamless global commerce.”.

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Sunflower Oil

39,00 $

Condensed Milk

80,00 $

Natural mineral water \”Borjomi\”

88,00 $

Phonak Roger Earpiece V2 IEM Receiver

45,00 $

RogerTM BaseStation

39,00 $

Groupage Cargo Services to Saudi Arabia| DUBAI | UAE

Manufacturing companies rely, on business intermediaries to help their products reach consumers. When a company does not have the means or desire to have direct contact with customers, they use business intermediaries instead.

Because some business intermediaries buy or have partial ownership of the product they sell, companies that use business intermediaries sometimes can make a profit before the product reaches its final buyer. This can be beneficial to smaller manufacturers and for companies that are unfamiliar with the consumer side of business..

Business brokerage accounts for approximately 75% of the firm’s revenues. We represent both sellers and buyers but never both in the same transaction. Details of the services we provide sellers and buyers can be found by visiting the Buyer and Seller pages.

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